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Repeat Prescriptions 


Registered Clients:  Please call the office on 01722 710046 or use the form below to request repeat prescriptions for your horse.

Please allow at least 2 working days so that your request may be authorised by a veterinary surgeon and put up for collection.

If you require medications for more than one horse, please submit separate request forms for each animal.


We will generally ask to re-examine your horse every 3 months, for on-going conditions. This is to look for any signs of deterioration despite treatment, medication side effects or new problems. A blood sample may also be taken at this time to check that the medication is working and that there are no early signs of medication intolerance. 

The law requires that this repeat-prescription check is done for prescription only medicines. These regulations are in place to ensure the best health and welfare of animals under veterinary care.


Repeat Prescription Form

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