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  • Dedicated surgical suite with large theatre
  • Separate induction and recovery rooms
  • Pre-op preparation area
  • Nurses’ surgical prep area
  • Pipe line gases
  • Freestanding hydraulic table lift/tilt facilities
  • All horses under GA monitored with ECG and direct arterial blood pressure measurement
  • Orthopaedic and soft tissue surgery 




Elective and emergency surgery for the investigation and treatment of all intrasynovial conditions.

Puncture wound into the tendon sheath Foreign body (twig) in fetlock




We are fully equipped to deal with emergency colic cases with an experienced team of vets and nurses to ensure the best possible care for surgical patients.

Small colon in the nephrosplenic space Colic surgery




Epiglottal EntrapmentAt the Endell Equine Hospital we regularly perform tie-back and hobday surgeries with excellent results.  We can now offer the latest surgical solutions to common complaints such as the "tie-forward" operation for DDSP cases.







At Endells we posses fully equipped ASIF instrumentation for repair of all commonly treatable injuries.  We regularly perform internal fixation of fracture cases, many using arthroscopic guidance.  Our new LCP internal fixation system allows repair of previously hopeless fracture cases.




Ideal for investigation of recurrent colic cases, ovariectomies and cryptorchid (rig) castrations.  It is minimally invasive surgery with reduced post operative recovery times.

liver biopsy Retained testicle
Liver Biopsy Retained Testicle