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Overground Endoscopy 

Overground endoscopy (aka dynamic endoscopy, exercise endoscopy) is a special type of endoscope that attaches to the horse and is in place while the horse is exercising - whether on the gallops, in our arena at Endell Equine Hospital or at your yard in your horse’s normal environment.

Traditionally, a normal upper airway scope was used to look at the horse in a static exam standing, just before or possibly after exercising. The dynamic scope is placed into the horses larynx and held in place with a special bridle and saddle pad. Then the horse can go out and perform as normal in its normal environment. The airway images are recorded and although they can be seen live during exercise, are best reviewed later in slow motion, for the most accurate diagnosis.

The most common conditions seen are left laryngeal hemiplegia (“roarers”), dorsal displacement of the soft palate, axial deviation of the aryepiglottic folds and vocal cord collapse, among others.

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