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Hospital Services 

Our modern, purpose built, RCVS Tier 3 equine hospital is the only facility in Wiltshire with this highest level of Royal college accreditation. It is equipped with the most up to date diagnostic imaging, therapeutic and surgical equipment and a hospital team is present 24 hours a day to deliver the highest level of care to our patients.

The hospital boasts spacious treatment areas and stables, firm trot up and lunge surfaces and a manege for ridden assessments for the investigation of poor performance, lameness, airway disease or vettings. Our two main barns also house foaling boxes, foal intensive-care monitoring stables, segregated isolation facilities, a JMB measuring pad, our laboratory, client meeting rooms and offices.  Small paddocks are also available for grazing hospitalised horses when appropriate.

The surgical suite has been designed with the ultimate pre- and post-operative safety of the patient in mind. Our climate controlled scintigraphy (bone scan) suite and adjacent radiation safety stables allow us to acquire the highest quality images. The mare and foal suite is in close proximity to a foal-friendly set of stocks for mare scanning and is situated in the same building as our on-site staff accomodation.

We also perform a number of standing surgeries in the sedated horse, such as certain fracture repairs, laproscopy (Key hole abdominal surgery), sinus and dental surgery, kissing spines procedures and LASER surgery. 

Our vets and nurses attend both in-house, national and international CPD (continuing professional developement). We frequently discuss cases, involve our colleagues when further expertise is required or consult a worldwide network of specialists with whom we have close relationships. 

We have the facilities and expertise to treat all aspects of equine medicine and surgery from  mild performance limiting lameness to life saving complex fracture repair or colic surgery. Call us and we will ensure that your horse, pony or donkey receive the best possible veterinary care.